Run away

What kind of story that i want to write this time?? Motivation? Politic? Life? Dream? Love?. Sorry, There is no story this time. I just want to write whatever come to my mind now.

Runaway.. Runaway,, I’m Stressful

Runaway.. Runaway,, I’m getting bored

There was a moment when i wanna runaway from my life, my family, my friends, my boss, and especially my crush, i’ve always remember what a man said in the drama “The First Requirement to Runaway is you must to know where you wanna go, where Island you wanna stay?..”

And then i realized that i didn’t know. Because no matter how stressful my life is, how complicated my family is, how dramatic my friend is, how annoying my boss is, or how tragic my love story is. I Love Them. I need Them. To be Sad and Happy. To Be Alive.

Runaway.. Runaway,, I’m Sorry. Can you Leave me?





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